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At Timberland Motorhomes we believe in providing our customers with choice and that's why we have aligned Timberland with some of the leading names in the motorhome industry.

Timberland and Burstner each have their own distinct styles, and while designs and specification vary greatly there is one factor they all have in common — quality.

From these manufacturers you can be sure that with one of their motorhomes you'll certainly be going places in comfort and style...




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At Timberland Motorhomes we value our customers greatly, whether buying a first vehicle from us or returning for maybe a second, third or even fourth cherished motorhome.

Timberland Motorhomes is pleased to be able to offer customers a wide range of finance options to suit individual budgets.
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Well done! You've invested and now taken delivery of your new motorhome and started planning all those fantastic UK and Continental travel trips you've dreamed of...

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Timberland Motorhomes will buy your motorhome for cash. Regardless of age or size, we will give you a fair price.