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Are you looking for a motorhome that will allow you to enjoy your independence as a couple?

Or do you want to set off on a big adventure with your family?

With a Burstner, you’ll always be in the right vehicle.

Ranging from compact and manoeuvrable motorhomes at affordable prices to elegant luxury suites on wheels and spacious giants with room for up to seven people — four different classes with a total of 48 floor plans will fulfil your every wish.

There is one thing that Burstner motorhomes have in common: Modern vehicle technology, outstanding quality and manufacturing, harmoniously co-ordinated and tastefully-designed interiors with many surprising practical details.

In short: A lot of room for an unlimited sense of comfort and well-being.

Burstner presents four classes of motorhomes:
• Semi-integrated: Consisting of three models — Travel Van, Nexxo and Solano
• Ixeo Class: Consisting of three models — Ixeo Time, Ixeo and Ixeo Plus
• Integrated: Consisting of three models — Viseo, Aviano and Elegance
• Alcove: Consisting of one model — Argos

Burstner’s semi-integrated motorhomes provide compact dimensions with a low centre of gravity which makes for easy manoeuvring along winding country roads and narrow lanes.
Travel Van stands out in particular due to its extremely compact dimensions. The Nexxo is
an affordable entry-level model and the Solano is intended for anyone who doesn’t want to
do without anything.

Ixeo is the first semi-integrated model with a fold-down bed for two additional
full-size berths.
There are 14 floor plans across the three models, providing excitement through dynamic exterior design and comprehensive furnishings.
Anyone wanting an extra dose of luxury and exclusivity will be delighted by the elegant interiors and numerous extras found in the Ixeo plus.

Burstner’s integrated motorhomes offer stylish size and elegant ambiance, the hgihest
quality furnishings and the latest technology.
Experience unforgettable holiday moments and enjoy magnificent through the gigantic panoramic windscreen.
Three model ranges bring luxury to the road and give connoisseurs an elegant exclusivity.

Argos is a deluxe class of four-season motorhomes that are true giants with generous spaciousness and family-friendly floor plans. Instead of a cappuccino above the cab, there is a protruding cabin housing an alcove bed inside.
There are two smaller two-axle models and also the three-axle 747-2 G which impresses with its length of 8.86 metres and its upscale furnishings.

In a Burstner motorhome you’re ideally equipped for an unlimited sense of comfort and well-being.

Enjoy a Burstner — for a holiday experience that will be unforgettable.


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